FOAM Visionaries: Heather Lipner of Uncovet

Whether they're game-changing entrepreneurs or inventing a new way to give back, the we got the chance to chat with eight people putting the rest of us to shame. Here, the FOAM Visionaries, as interviewed by their mentors and collaborators.

Articles // Zinzi Edmundson // 05/17/12
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Heather Lipner of Uncovet

For years, Heather Lipner bounced from various design and branding projects-whether it was giving MySpace a complete overhaul or building a new site from the ground up. Throughout her career, mentor Mike Macadaan has worked closely with her in developing these projects, culminating in her latest venture, The duo sat down for us to talk about user experiences and the hunt for the perfect costume.

Let’s talk about Uncovet. What is it? Let’s start there, how’s that?

it’s a flash sale site, meaning everyday there are new products that are on sale, all very much curated.

The fun part is that there’s definitely a story and a theme behind each of the collections. There was one with costumes for little people. Indian costumes…

For kids, not necessarily, like, little people.

Bows and arrows and freakin’ tassels.

They were pretty amazing. They were awesome.

It goes beyond the strong push to buy stuff. It’s that you’re showing these cool vignettes every morning.

Right. It’s definitely editorial focused.

How do you find this stuff?

I find it everywhere. I’ve been scoping designers and brands forever. Even when I was a little kid, I didn’t like reading, I liked looking at magazines. So it’s definitely handpicked, which I think is cool and awesome and what consumers need right now.

It sounds like you’re going to create better, bigger experiences.

Uncovet stands for being able to explore your own style. I think a lot of the time we get stuck liking the same things because we don’t know what’s out there. Being able to mix everything is how you create your own unique look, and that’s part of Uncovet.

I think it’s hard for people to actually zero in on cool stuff.

The whole business around Uncovet is about knowing exactly what’s out there and then picking the best out of it. There’s a service element behind Uncovet. It’s where they people can get their fashion, their interior. One stop shop, baby.

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