Blog Spot: Amy Andronicus

Articles // FindCream // 02/06/11
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Amy Andronicus

There are a lot of blogs about bands, but not that many about being in a band, and still fewer about being a woman in a band. Making up for the shortage is Amy Klein, a.k.a. Amy Andronicus, who interviews Marnie Stern for our music issue. From her place as member of the East Coast indie-punk band Titus Andronicus, Klein authors a fast-rising Tumblr blog that’s a kind of tour diary spiked with feminist theory, cultural criticism and mp3 offerings from her various side projects. Recent posts include a photo of a girl band from 1918, an analysis of Japanese society vis á vis all-girl punk band the Suzan and a widely read rant on insidious sexism in indie rock. Klein believes blogs are to the 2010s what zines were to the 1990s—a tool for girls to speak up. “With the Internet, we have the power of self-publication,” she says. “And I encourage girls everywhere to put it out there!”

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